DNS Implemenation in JS

When I first started with JavaScript I made my own DNS server in node. This was a long time ago and unfortunatly that code is now lost (for better or for worse). I needed a few hours to wind down from work and I rememberd having fun doing this all these years ago.

Yeastar TG100 and Asterisk

I recently got into VoIP and phones. After a really quick setup of a very glorified home intercom setup, I wanted to make outbound calls and receive incoming calls from outside the safe haven of my LAN. I looked online for either free or cheap SIP trunks and either could not found any that I could afford or ones with a local phone number. Then I found out about Yeastar TG100 - a GSM gateway.

Next.js with Passenger and Nginx

We couldn’t figure out how to run next.js on Passenger with Nginx. The issue we had was very simple but seemingly unfixable.

Wireguard server

This tutoral can be found online on a million different sites. What’s different about this one? It’s so simple it can’t fail. This is written mainly for my own refference and will be updated when I see that changes are needed.